An alternative to divorce as usual: Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is often called “no-court divorce” because it is a new way to divorce without court fights, long-drawn out litigation and the accompanying disrespect, hurt feelings and anger that often accompany a traditional divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, couples treat each other with dignity and respect. They work together to dissolve the marriage in a respectful, considerate way that helps insure that agreements endure and protect the well being of children.

Each spouse has an attorney and a team of trained collaborative professionals, including a financial professional, a divorce coach or mental health professional and a child advocate. Instead of going in front of a judge and a courtroom, both spouses and their attorneys sit down together to work out the details of the dissolution of their marriage, with the help of their team.


Collaborative divorce is based on three guiding principles:

  • a pledge not to go to court
  • an honest exchange of information by both spouses
  • a solution that focuses on the highest priorities of both spouses and their children